Giving your child the best start in life

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Deen = Duniya   Deen = Duniya  


Your Child's Best Start In Life

We are on a mission to raise future generations of strong Muslims by combining Islamic guidance with top-quality modern education. Our wise teachers create an Islamic environment where children learn to excel in both deen and dunya!

Al-Amal School Core Values

  • Learning the best: We push our students to be the smartest they can be in all their schoolwork.
  • • Strong in Islam: We create a safe space where kids learn about Islam and how to be good Muslims in everything they do.
  • Respectful Community: We treat everyone with kindness and respect, students and teachers alike.
  • Future Leaders: We help students learn how to make good choices, solve problems, and become strong leaders.
  • Balance: We want our students to be smart in school and strong in their faith – both are important!


A+ Results


Our Aims & Objective

Aims: We try to be the best role models for Al-Amal School aspirants while also assisting them in forming an Islamic and global perspective and a strong interest in communal life. We give student in depth knowledge of a variety of disciplines at every level in order to prepare them for competitive tests.

Our vision

We strive to concentrate on each child’s whole development and provide them with a competitive advantage.


The aptitude to distinguish between good and bad 


An individual’s distinctive ideals and sentiments


At Al Amal School, we make learning fun and exciting!

Learning about Islam in a fun way:

We make it easy and enjoyable for them to understand the teachings of Islam

Getting ready for the future:

We help them learn to think for themselves, solve problems, have creative minds, and work well with others


Promoting High Quality Learning Of Young Children